DíMart Stops Accepting Sodexho Passes

Dear Editor,
After DíMart has stopped accepting Sodexho passes, lot of Powai residents have stopped going to DíMart for all their requirements. Most of them shop at Food Bazaar in Goregaon or Foodland in Raheja Powai. But the bad news is that, both the nearest departmental stores (Haiko and DíMart) dosenít accept Sodexho meal vouchers and it is a terrible inconvenience to the customers staying at Powai. Both these stores know well that there is no choice for the customers. But as Powai Hiranandani is building more commercial complexes, I am sure that there will be Big Bazaars and Reliance Fresh coming up soon. The strap line ďCustomers are KingsĒ; is still just on papers and in reality, still a long way to go....

K.R.Arunn thru email: leoarunn@gmail.comi